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About us

"For nearly half a century, we have actively contributed on the development and evolution of high-quality lubricating oils and greases."

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ELDON'S at a glance

ELDON’S was established in 1975 and today is one of the largest production and trading companies in Greece, offering a full range of synthetic and conventional lubricants, food grade lubricants, greases and special products (such as emulsions, special motor liquids, etc.).

Since its foundation, the company is in a constant state of expansion. For almost 5 decades, ELDON'S has consistently provided high technical expertise, know-how and robust specialization in the lubrication industry.

ELDON’S' headquarters are located in Athens. It also has two production sites in Greece, as well as three warehouses and distribution centers, two in Greece and one in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In addition to the Greek market, ELDON’S distributes its products to 18 countries around the world including the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


ELDON’S is a science and technology-based organization. Investing on these sectors is an integral part of its philosophy. We produce technologically superior products and provide unmatched services. The company applies innovative methods of product development and production, uses state of the art control systems, and utilizes 100% of every available resource. Such an operational scheme is essential, not only for evolving the services and products it offers but also for creating new ones.


Creating a product is a very demanding procedure. Endless hours of hard work and testing are required. ELDON’S has developed partnerships and extensive collaborations with suppliers and when designing a new product, puts in practice decades of accumulated knowledge and experience and a team of experts and scientists engaged in research and development. Everybody works intensively to design products based on international standards, so that our clients enjoy substantial, reliable and measurable results.


For nearly half a century, ELDON’S is at the forefront in creating high quality lubricating fluids and greases – the ingredients needed to keep the world in  motion. Every product produced is formulated and then tested in extreme conditions, and offered to exceed your lubrication and maintenance requirements.


Our products are designed to guarantee high performance and reliability, aiming towards proper function and longetivity for every applicaiton. ELDON'S' development and production processes as well as its innovative philosophy ensure that every product serves its purpose with maximum benefits for the user.


Our Commitment

Our products are at the heart of every component and machine. Sharp technology is a prerequisite since lubricants are an integral part of any mechanical equipment. The right choice and use of lubrication products is critical to the proper, seamless and efficient operation of any machine. 

This is why our business development is constant and our commitment is to provide the unparallel quality solutions. ELDON’S is in a constant state of combining experience, training and know-how. 

Through research and development, the organization continues to support innovation, aiming in creating new products with the least possible environmental impact. 

Our commitment to quality and to a never-ending product evolution, position ELDON’S as a top of mind company for every lubrication need.


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