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Motorcycle oils

ELDON’S GT- 4 SAE 10W/40

ELDON’S GT- 4 SAE 15W/50

Synthetic based lubricants for four stroke motorcycle engine lubrication. Enhanced with special additives to prevent disk slip in order to maximize engine power output.
Suitable for all stroke motorcycles like YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, HONDA, BMW, SUZUKI, etc.

Specifications: API SL/SJ/SG JASO MA/MA2


High quality synthetic lubricant for two stroke engines. Meets the most demanding Japanese specifications JASO providing extremely low smoke levels and perfect deposit control.

Specifications: JASO FC, ISO - GLOBAL E-GD

STS - 2

Two stroke engine high quality mineral oil formulated to significantly reduce deposits in combustion chamber. For use in all types of two stroke engine oils with PRE-MIX and injection fuel system.

Specifications: API TA/TB, ASTM TSC-1/2, JASO FA/FB


Undiluted high quality mineral oil for all types of two stroke engines. Recommended dilution rate 5%.

Specifications: API TA/TB